Jessica Talks Being Stranded in Kelowna, Her Fave Travel Destination, And Learning To Do Traditional Tattoos...
Jessica Talks Being Stranded in Kelowna, Her Fave Travel Destination, And Learning To Do Traditional Tattoos...
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Jessica Talks Being Stranded in Kelowna, Her Fave Travel Destination, And Learning To Do Traditional Tattoos...

"Jessica Does Tattoos is definitely one of the sweetest traveling tattooers around. Don’t be fooled, she’ll tattoo you like a master of traditional and you’ll want more!" - Patrick Coste

Jessica Talks Being Stranded in Kelowna, Her Fave Travel Destination, And Learning To Do Traditional Tattoos...


Point to Point takes you behind the needle to share the personal journeys of tattoo artists like you. Drawing inspiration, spreading respect and love… This time we’re talking with Jessica Does Tattoos.

Jessica Does Tattoos
Image©Jessica Does Tattoos

Name: Jessica Does Tattoos
Years tattooing: 9 years
Place of business: Gaspedal, Kelowna/Perfect Image, Banff, Alberta
Instagram: @JessicaDoesTattoos


Patrick Coste: Hi Jess! It’s been way too long since the last time we chatted at the Calgary Tattoo show! Oufff! Youve been travelling quite a bit and you also did quite a few guest spots - WOW! I love following your social feed so I can see where youve been. I still have yet to know where youre going... I wish we could collect those famous hugs. Howve you been?

Jessica: PAAAATTT OUI! A hug! These are such weird times... Lou and I were returning from Las Vegas where we spent the winter tattooing at Revolution Tattoo Parlour. It was such a great time as we helped Manny open up his second shop. The winter was amazing, we were well set and had a great time.

PC: You’ve been stranded in Kelowna since March right? Hey Ho LOU! I see your ever joyful boyfriend in the background. How are you, Lou? I miss those babyfoot & drinks evenings! I see you brought your lady back to our motherland, thank you lol!!

LOU: - Lol, yeah man, we left Vegas as planned on the departure date. All went well, then a few days later, we arrived in Kelowna and we heard about COVID and that the borders were to be shut. We felt lucky. All is good now! :) Life is good man, I hope to see you soon!

Jess: Yeah we’re in lovely Kelowna for a bit now where we’re spending the COVID days. We arrived and stayed with our very good friend Jessie at Gas Pedals Tattoo. She’s soooo nice to us! We come and go, and she even lets us stay in the back of her place.

Flash sheet by Jessica Does Tattoos and Loucifer Tattoo
Collaborative flash sheet by & @jessicadoestattoos

PC: Awww you guys are cute, lol! That collaborative flash sheet too, lol, but really this is the true meaning of the tattoo family, right there. BC has been open for a few weeks now, I saw your new tattoos, and I just caught you arriving in beautiful Banff. Ready to get back at it, take two? I saw you’re still going?

Jess: It feels great. I love travelling... it’s a bit stressful, but a good stress you know? Being very grateful for everything in the past few years. I feel great.

PC: I know right? Stress is a very close relative of excitement! Travelling is what I miss the most so far this year, it also brings a lot of personal development. So glad we can talk about tattoos! Must feel great to get back at it too. I have an appointment on July 1st, lol, I know, I know. I couldn't wait! Its the soonest I could get booked in! You've been travelling a bit over the past year, wheres your fave spot?

Jess: Without a doubt, Peru. Not related to tattooing at all, lol. I love travelling in general, but Peru was such a great experience for me. I travelled with a few very close friends and experienced the most beautiful people and culture I have seen. So much generosity! You can offer food to anybody and they would be grateful and share back. We went to the jungle, saw shamans, I came back changed.

PC: Wow, I’m sold, when do we go? Tell me, you mainly do traditional tattoos, how did you come to love them so much??

Jess: Studio Tentation is where I began tattooing. I was a good designer, and I had a good portfolio, so they told me to come in and get started. I went in with a $100 tattoo kit, some good experience with drawings and five tattoos under my belt, lol! It’s with co-workers that I learned the most. We exchanged a lot of knowledge, and to this day I can say I’m still learning WITH them.

One that I love so much to this day is Victor... he and I evolved together. I had straight lines, he had the traditional design down. I even had him do pages and pages of lines. It’s where the traditional style felt into my lap. He wanted to pay me to teach him. I was like “whaaaatt?”, but he kept bugging me. I got him into Studio Tentation, the vibes were awesome and the rest is water under the bridge.

PC: Such a great history, I havent seen Victor in ages… Jess, Lou we’ve got to catch up! I know the convention season is on thin ice, but let's make sure we can have one of those jam nights anytime we can!


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