PU IV Power Supply

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Product Description

The versatile Cheyenne PU IV makes it possible to fully utilize the low-frequency operation of the Cheyenne SOL machine family, for the first time. In addition, tattoo machines from other manufacturers can easily be connected via adapter* cables.

The PU IV display can show the stitch frequency both as a bar graph and classically via the voltage. The last set values remain stored for the continuation of the work. Also for the first time, artists can operate footswitches in two modes. In latched mode, the footswitch for turning the machine on and off is pressed briefly. In momentary mode, the footswitch must be depressed continually during tattooing. The integrated stopwatch helps to keep track of the working time.

The magnetic back and base of the PU IV, along with its clip-on stand, makes it easy to mount securely on any table top or suitable metal surface.


  • Compact tattoo power supply with focus on ergonomic, intuitive operation
  • Ideal for low-frequency operation of the SOL family
  • Versatile placement options thanks to powerful magnets and integrated clip-on stand
  • 2 modes for foot switch operation ("latched" and "momentary")
  • Voltage display (4.7 V - 12.5 V in 0.1 V steps) or bar graph display (30 steps, approx. 0.26 V per step)
  • Stopwatch for measuring the time of a tattoo session
  • Compatible with machines from other manufacturers via adapter

*Adapter not included

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