DEEP DIVE: Six Shades of Panthera Black Ink
DEEP DIVE: Six Shades of Panthera Black Ink

DEEP DIVE: Six Shades of Panthera Black Ink

You Asked for it! See how Panthera Ink Tribal Black XXX, Liner Black, Light Sumy, Dark Sumy and Ralf Nonweiler’s Blending & Finish, all stack up…

DEEP DIVE: Six Shades of Panthera Black Ink


Don’t miss “The Drop: Black Edition” above! We hope the INK nerd in you gets at least mildly excited to watch and compare the thickness (some artists call it viscosity) of the Panthera Black Ink line-up!

Tribal Black XXX | Deep Velvety Black

Artwork by: @sheuda_tattoo (chest) and @dekalcomanu_ (sleeves)

Panthera Ink Tribal Black XXX has a molecular formula that guarantees a deep and velvety black that once healed, will remain the same colour as the first day (no blueing here). Tribal Black XXX  is ideal for blackouts and large and small fills. It can also be used as a lining black, producing crisp clear lines.

Due to its very high concentration of pigments, Panthera Tribal Black XXX is resistant to light and results in unparalleled healing.


Artwork by: @marine_ishigo_tattoo

Panthera Ink Liner Black has a molecular density that allows it to go in super-easy and heal super BLACK. This black tattoo ink has been formulated to allow you to create sharp and solid lines without having to work for it. It’s considered by many, to be the perfect blend for lining.

The Light & Dark Sumy Family

Artwork by: @dimitris_panagopoulos_ntc

Panthera Ink Light Sumy was designed specifically for blending and is used to create lighter and veiled shades. Light Sumy pairs well with the darker Panthera Dark Sumy.

Panthera Ink Dark Sumy was designed specifically for blending and is used to create stronger and safer shades. This darker shade pairs well with Panthera Light Sumy.

Ralf Nonnweiler Series | Blending & Finish

Created in collaboration with Realism artist Ralf Nonnweiler:

Panthera Ink Smooth Blending contains less pigment than Panthera Light Sumy and is used to create very light shades.

Smooth Blending excels at creating “subtle details” in portrait work such as bumps, wrinkles and even pores, without leaving the appearance of dotwork or actual lines.

Panthera Ink Smooth Finish contains a minimal amount of pigment. It’s designed for use during the final stages of the tattoo, creating contrast and the lightest and subtlest of shades.

Although highly saturated, “Smooth Finish” lets you completely saturate even the lightest areas of the tattoo, leaving a soft grey hue that will remain after the healing process.

Safety, Ingredients & Quality | EU Certified

Panthera Ink artist Paul Tougas

All Panthera Ink is gamma-ray sterilized and certified according to EU regulations.

Panthera carefully selects the raw materials with the highest degree of purity. The pigments used are subjected to scrupulous cross-analysis in order to obtain a product that complies with current European and International standards.

Panthera Inks are free from carcinogenic compounds, and the colour undergoes a sterilization treatment in the final phase which makes it free from bacteria.


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