Let’s Get It On... | A Good Ol’ Fashioned Bag Race
Let’s Get It On... | A Good Ol’ Fashioned Bag Race
Draw All Month 2023

Let’s Get It On... | A Good Ol’ Fashioned Bag Race

Rebecca took on Bob’s nemesis Tibor today in the Good Ol’ Fashioned Bag Race on That DAM Game show + They managed to bag $1665 in great prizes for their teams.

Let’s Get It On... | A Good Ol’ Fashioned Bag Race


Thank God it’s FRIDAY…. (I swear I’m never gonna be able to get this f*cking Draw All Month gameshow theme out of my head 😣 )

TODAY on the final challenge of That DAM Game Show, Rebecca returns and sets out to achieve what her partner Bob could not; defeat Tibor. Will she do it in The Good Ol’ Fashioned Bag Race?

The aim of today’s game was first, to see how many takes it takes Rob to say his lines without tripping over “clipcord sleeve” and second, to see which contestant could slip a protective barrier sleeve onto their clipcord, tape it, plug it into their Green Monster and turn it on quicker than their opponent.

After hitting the floor runn…, ACTUALLY he just... hit the floor during his entrance, and violating cross-contamination protocols (*sigh*), Tibor was off to a shaky start. BUT Rebecca wasn’t messing around - she had her clipcord sleeved, secured and her machine buzzzzzzzing LONG before Tibor even remembered where the tape was. A nice win for the ladies (You GO GIRL!!) AND Rebecca got to punch the wall first for her team : Marina Plamondon and TJ Heney.

Today’s Winners

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How does Draw All Month Work?

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