Romance Wilson Talks Dirt Biking, Dark Tattoos, And Taking The Leap of Faith...
Romance Wilson Talks Dirt Biking, Dark Tattoos, And Taking The Leap of Faith...
Point to Point
Season 2

Romance Wilson Talks Dirt Biking, Dark Tattoos, And Taking The Leap of Faith...

"In tune with the universe, Romance Wilson finds his balance in the darkness and hecticness of this world. He takes the dark, chews it up and spits it back out in his own unique way!" - Patrick Coste

Romance Wilson Talks Dirt Biking, Dark Tattoos, And Taking The Leap of Faith...


Point to Point takes you behind the needle to share the personal journeys of tattoo artists like you. Drawing inspiration, spreading respect and love… This time we’re talking with former “cable guy”, tattooer and shop owner Romance Wilson.

Romance Wilson
Romance Wilson at work

Name: Romance Wilson
Years tattooing: 4 years
Place of business: @pitchblacktattookelowna, Kelowna, BC
Instagram: @romancetattoos


Patrick Coste: Hey what’s shaking Roman? I saw you riding that mini bike in your shop the other day, you crazy man! Lol, last I saw you was in Winnipeg, about a year ago, and we were doing a bit of karting…

Romance Wilson: OH! You saw that! Lol, I went back there at the beginning of the year at the other Winnipeg show. I actually asked for a later flight on purpose. I got a pass and unlimited access, and got “buddy buddy” with the mechanic there. He gave me tips and all... I couldn't beat him though. I wanna go back now, lol.

I can’t complain really man, but I always do, lol. The shop that you saw was the new shop: @pitchblacktattookelowna. We actually wanted to open before the whole COVID-19 thing happened... yup, no bad days in life, lol.

PC: No kidding? You just opened to celebrate your reopening, lol! But seriously, you’re a traveler, you live in the beautiful city Kelowna, how has your life changed over the past few months?

Pitch Black Tattoo in Kelowna

RW: To be honest, those months were great. I was dirt biking quite a bit and, like many, had a chance to recharge. I truly left the shop when they told us to, went dirt biking for 3 months, 4 days a week, and took care of the kids. I’m a bit blunt about all this, hate to say, because a lot of people died, but I can truly say to you now, that for me 2020 is great. I ended up working 12 to 14 hours, and now we’re back. Not sure where all that is gonna go, but eh, I enjoy life.

PC: Do you have any other hobbies besides bikes and tattooing…

RW: WHAT? Lol, is there such a thing? Tattooing is a great life. I’ve only been at it for a few years, but I’ve dedicated my entire life to it, and I’m living the best life. I did a lot of partying in the past and I got to the point where I was really tired of that... then tattooing found me.

PC: I bet theres much more to that story...

RW: Oh yeah! Lol, the last “real” job I had was at a cable company. It sort of was a perfect job for me... I saw the boss for “5 min” in the morning and out I went to my calls. When I was younger I partied a bit… lol a lot, let's be honest, but I always drew constantly. During the last part of that journey I was at a point where I was drawing in the back of the cable van after my shift, or if I was finishing early because I was eager to get drawing.

I was getting tattooed a lot and my body wanted more, so I started tattooing myself on my leg. Before that, I was getting tattooed for a long time... I always get hooked and I'm passionate about what I do. I was already super addicted, that’s the way I am; I'm an all or nothing guy. So at one point I got my first machine and it was a Hawk Thunder. I was good and setting up all properly/improperly, lol, I was ok at sterilization and all, but that was my beginning.

At one point I had to take that “famous” leap of faith. Coming out of a black, dark state, thinking there’s nothing in life, you gotta take it and the reward is always something greater. It never gives you a handout, choice, or fork to take, and you’re sure the success will be there, it’s never clear. I’ve never looked back. I have the tendency to go so deep into “things” that I sometimes burnout after a few months.

PC: you found “THE” thing! You found balance, and all the stars aligned?

RW: Balance is a ridiculous word, lol, but yes in a way... With the new shop, the universe and I can see eye to eye on this one, but really when you trust the universe, you can’t have a bad day, lol. You shoot from the hip, plan a bit.

The more unbalanced you are, the more progress you make in my opinion. I have horrible anxiety... It seems to work better that way for me, so tattooing and drawing prior to tattooing and all, gives me a great anxiety/success rate, lol.

PC: Man that was a great story! Thank you so much. I sure miss seeing you around, next time would have been Moncton or something…. Good times!

RW: Talk to you later man!! All the best!!!


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