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Black #2

Series: Gradient System
Size: 1 oz
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Product Description

Fusion Ink’s Gradient System consists of 11 base colours that have been meticulously crafted into gradients, providing you with hassle-free blends and shades across the primary colour spectrum.

The Gradient System takes away the guesswork and allows you to go from dark to light without the hassle, and at times inconsistency, of in-cap colour-mixing.  

Formulated with the coming US MOCRA Regulations in mind, Fusion has removed Glycerin and Isopropyl Alcohol and replaced them with Medical Grade Ethanol, while at the same time boosting the pigment load for vibrant results.

We do our best to provide high quality photos of each colour, but every computer has its own personality, so please note colours may vary slightly from screen to screen.

Understanding Gradient Numbers

  • Uncut is 100% base colour
  • #3 is 75% base colour to 25% white
  • #2 is 50% base colour to 50% white
  • #1 is 25%. base colour to 75% white
  • Uncut white is a highlight or filling white.
  • Cut white is a thinner cutting or mixing white.

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About Fusion Ink

Fusion Ink™ has a much higher pigment load, resulting in saturated colours that outperform the average ink. Manufactured using organic pigments and ingredients that are completely vegan safe. Once you try Fusion, you will see and feel the difference in quality.

Find Fusion Ink's SDS/MSDS Information HERE.

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