Art Noir Premium Tattoo Towels

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Product Description

The Art Noir Tattoo Towel and Dispenser system was designed to streamline the tattooing process, saving you time and money while keeping your workstation clean and sanitary. Choose between their Standard towels, which are a step up from over-the-counter brands, or the Art Noir Premium Towels. Think of these as shop towels… but for tattooing. 

Art Noir PREMIUM towels are thicker than the Standard towels and have an even softer fabric-like feel. These towels are made from the same material as those famous blue shop towels and offer the same level of absorption and strength. Just like the Standard towels, Premium towels drastically reduce needle clogging due to their low lint material, and because they’re pre-folded - not torn off a roll (ripping causes lint).

Towel Size: 9” x 8"

1 Pack = 90 Towels
1 Case = 1,080 Towels (12 packs)

Half Case discount available. Save 10% when you purchase 6 packs! Save over 20% when you buy by the Case!

Key Features: 

  • Pre-folded and ready to go
  • High absorption capacity
  • Great wet and dry strength
  • Lower lint than typical paper towels
  • Unique stretch and softness
  • No needle clogging
  • Workstation dispenser available HERE


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