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Hover Power Supply

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Product Description

Embrace the wireless revolution with the FK Irons Hover touchless tattoo power supply. Change your voltage, cycle through menu screens and time your tattoo session, without ever touching the power supply.

Featuring a functional, round design, strong magnet, sensors and Bluetooth capability, Hover is also designed to work with the Darklab app, which allows you to change the voltage using voice command, and take advantage of new features included in the latest firmware updates.

Equipped with two input ports, Hover lets you use a machine and footwitch combination, or connect two machines at the same time; perfect for artists who use different tattoo machines during one sitting. Hover can recall the last voltage you used, thanks to a bank management system that allows you to save up to 9 different settings. Save time by setting up your favourite machine presets for lining, colouring and shading.

USB-A and USB-C ports make it easy to charge your mobile devices (tablets, cellphones and Darklab battery packs), and come in handy for travelling artists.

Key Features:

  • Input voltage: 19v
  • Output voltage: 2-17v
  • Machine voltage readout
  • Bluetooth compatibility with Darklab mobile app for Android and iOS
  • 9 programmable presets
  • 2 input ports
  • Footswitch compatible
  • USB-A and USB-C charging ports
  • Anti-slip magnetic base
  • Timer Setting

Touchless Control Capabilities

  • Swipe air gesture to increase/decrease voltage & navigation
  • AirSwitch: Wave to turn Hover On and Off
  • Swipe up to access dual timer for timing sessions and tracking machine runtime
  • Swipe down to access up to 10 different voltage pre-sets!
  • Use motion gesture to rotate the display to suit your set up


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About FK Irons

FK Irons (Fallen King Irons) started with a couple of unknown tattoo artists building machines for friends in 2002. The start was very humble and straightforward. With little budget, stuck in a garage for hours, Gaston Siciliano (CEO) crafted his first creations.

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