ASTM Level 3 Black Procedure Mask

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Product Description

PRIMED® ASTM Level 3 Medical Face Masks combine breathability and comfort with advanced medical-grade fluid resistance and filtration capabilities. Tested to the toughest standards in healthcare, PRIMED face masks are carefully designed to protect you from fluids and particles that cause illness and spread infection.

PriMED Level 3 Anti-Fog Black masks meet and exceed the following ASTM F2100 requirements:

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (%): ≥ 98 Particulate Filtration Efficiency (%): ≥ 98 Breathability (mmH20/cm2): < 6.0 Fluid Resistance: 160mm Hg Flame Spread: Class 1

Box of 50


  • Colour: Black
  • Medical-Grade
  • Ultrasonically welded seams
  • Soft mask and ear loop material
  • Graphene-Free
  • 4-ply construction

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