A Thermal Copier Built For Life In Your Shop
A Thermal Copier Built For Life In Your Shop

A Thermal Copier Built For Life In Your Shop

We’d like to introduce you to TIM, the next generation of thermal copiers from 3K Instruments (with some help from Panenka). TIM is, depending on who you ask, short for Thermal Imaging Machine or even Thermal IMager. It’s quickly on its way to becoming our favourite Tim of all time, possibly edging out Tim Burton, Tim Roth and maybe even Tim Curry. Here’s why…

A Thermal Copier Built For Life In Your Shop


TIM Thermal Copier

Replacing the A4 copier, a staple in tattoo shops for over 15 years, is no easy task but the TIM Thermal Copier is up to the challenge.

Let’s start with what hasn't changed: Made in Germany, the TIM Thermal Copier was designed by 3K Instruments with the support of Panenka. Combining their extensive knowledge of thermal imaging, with tried and true technology, they’ve built a thermal copier that will stand up to life in your shop.

Don’t let its size and weight fool you, the TIM Thermal Copier is every bit the workhorse the A4 was. Like the A4, it also uses thermal imaging heat from an infrared lamp to transfer your stencil design to any thermal stencil paper.

What's NEW you ask?

Higher, Faster Exposure Speed

Why is this important? Over the past few years, stencil paper manufacturers have had to change the formula of their products, making some papers more sensitive. As a result, they require faster exposure to ensure the crisp, clean lines you expect. TIM can easily handle any type of stencil paper, even the most sensitive, no sweat.

25% Less Energy Consumption (approximately)

Hey, we’re all trying to do our part to conserve energy, and so is 3K. The TIM currently outperforms current Panenka models AND their (*cough*, *cough*) competition.

Shorter Cooling Times

The TIM Thermal Copier has integrated sensor-controlled cooling. This means it only cools when the device is warm, and cools much faster after it has reached its maximum temperature.

How fast? Unlike the A4 which required 10-15 minutes of downtime to cool after reaching the maximum temperature, TIM will have you making copies again in as little as 6-7 minutes thanks to its sensor-controlled cooling.

Easy-Clean Roller and Reflector

No one enjoys cleaning their copier, but no one likes a blurry stencil either… TIM will make your life a little easier with its specially coated glass reflector and improved silicone-coated drive roller that wipes down quickly and easily with alcohol wipes. TIM’s internal compartment also provides more room to get in there and really clean things up.

TIM drive roller

2-Year Warranty

A thermal copier is a big investment for any shop, but TIM is backed with a 2-Year Warranty AND Eikon is an authorized thermal copier repair centre (We’ve been repairing your A3s & A4s for years). Our in-house technicians have been trained by 3K and can service and support your copier for the life of your unit.

Need to know more? Contact our Customer Service Team, they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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