How Long Have YOU Been #PoweredbyEIKON?
How Long Have YOU Been #PoweredbyEIKON?
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How Long Have YOU Been #PoweredbyEIKON?

What’s DIS? NEW STICKERS?? This Month, celebrate our 30th Anniversary with us by showing us how long YOU’VE been #PoweredbyEikon! Stickers in every order in April!

How Long Have YOU Been #PoweredbyEIKON?


Hey there! In case you hadn’t heard, we turn 30 this year and we’re inviting you to celebrate right along with us.


Well, if you’ve been around tattooing for even a short while, you’ll know we have a bit of a “thing” for…. STICKERS, and that gave us an idea!

Would artists tell us how long they’ve been #PoweredbyEikon AND make it… “sticker official”?

Based on the amazing reaction at conventions last year, we’re gonna send ‘em to all of you!

SO – Every order going out in April will contain a sticker that asks a simple question:

What Year did you become #PoweredByEikon?

Make it your own by drawing, sketching or just scrawling the year you were first #poweredbyeikon! THEN take a photo, post it on social and tag @eikondevice with the hashtags #eikon30yrs and #poweredbyeikon.

If you’re old-school and don’t want to post it to social, send it by email to!



This Ain’t No One-Sided Affair…

…when you share your #PoweredbyEikon Since sticker, as a token of our undying gratitude you’ll get:

  • 30% Off Eikon Merch for the year
  • 30% OFF up to 10 boxes of Eikon Cartridges (one time use)
  • 30% OFF ES500
  • 30% OFF Griffin&Hydra (one-time use, up to 5 boxes each)
  • 30 entries to Draw All Month

We’ll also have some on hand at the #SaskatoonTattooExpo AND the #EdmontonTattooandArtsFestival - so be sure to come by the booth and get a sticker AND… tattoo anything you want on Patrick… (just a little one 😉…) We’d love to see you IRL!

Thanks for sticking with us…


Cheers to another 30 Years!