Some Clarity on Transparent Bandages…
Some Clarity on Transparent Bandages…

Some Clarity on Transparent Bandages…

The choice is clear… or is it? Let's take a minute to look at what makes these transparent bandages the right choice for your clients.

Some Clarity on Transparent Bandages…


Transparent Tattoo Bandaging Showdown

Over the years tattoo bandaging has evolved from the much-maligned Saran Wrap era, to the “puffy” meat pad years. Now you simply cover healing tattoos with transparent bandages. Oh, how the times have changed…

Remember when clients used to keep lifting their bandaging to peek at their new tattoo or show a friend? These see-through bandages still allow them to show off their fresh tattoo, without impacting the tattoo healing process. Added bonus: all three clear bandaging brands that we carry are latex-free, so there's less chance of an allergic reaction.

Still on the fence about transparent bandages, or are you looking for something new? Here's some information on how these bandage brands stack up.

Hypafix Transparent Bandages

Laying it down

One of the most important questions to ask when choosing a transparent bandage is: how easy will it be for both you, and your client, to apply(with gloves on)? So, which of these bandage brands is easiest to apply? Here’s a quick breakdown, based on product specs and artist feedback:

Hypafix® Transparent Bandages

Hypafix is the thinnest of the three brands we carry, making it highly flexible and super-easy to apply. The protective top layer is flexible and rubber-like, conforming to the body better than the harder plastic layer used by other brands. This means you'll get edge-to-edge coverage of the tattooed area with no gaps or pockets.

The grid on the back allows you to easily cut the bandage to the required size. This also makes it easier to handle. When trimming the bandage, be sure to leave the red “easy lift” edge intact. This will help you peel the top layer off cleanly when applying the bandage to your client.

Dynarex View Guard®

Dynarex View Guard transparent bandages are also easy to apply, but offer fewer bells and whistles than Hypafix and Saniderm.

These bandages have grid lines and the Dynarex logo on the protective layer, while the backing is solid white. This makes it easy to see which side is up. LESS easy to find: the light yellow/tan arrows on the bandage that show you where to remove the protective layer.

Saniderm® Transparent Bandages

There are some definite pros and cons with this clear bandage. One "pro" is that Saniderm bandages leave some overhang around both edges of the protective top layer. This lets you peel it off easily from any corner or angle.

Where Saniderm struggles is that the protective plastic layer is stiffer and more rigid than the other two brands. This means the bandage doesn't fit to the body quite as nicely.

Advantage: Hypafix

Artist Feedback
“Switched to this after using Saniderm for a while. This is thinner, more stretchy, matte finish. Takes a bit of getting used to (especially if you’ve never used any second skin products) but I find it's easier to apply than Saniderm (for both myself and clients) and it’s more flexible so feels easier to wear. Not as visible as Saniderm either. Great quantity of the product in the box too, although it’s a stumpy roll so you need to patch pieces together. Haven’t had any clients complain about reactions or adhesive residue.”
Lynsey - Toronto, Ontario

Saniderm Transparent Bandages

Who says Size doesn't matter?

Depending on the size of the tattoo, or where it is on your client's body, the size of the bandage you need will vary (Tell us something we don't know…). Each of these bandages can be trimmed to fit, but choosing the right size will make the applying them quicker and easier, and reduce waste. Read on…

Hypafix® Transparent Bandages

One area where Hypafix bandages fall a bit short, is on their size options. They're available in 6" and 4" widths, but if you're working on bigger pieces you'll need to do some layering. If you regularly work on large tattoos that require more coverage, you should consider Dynarex View Guard or Saniderm. Both of these brands offer 10" width options.

Dynarex View Guard®

Like Hypafix, Dynarex View Guard is only available in 2 sizes. Where it gets a leg up on Hypafix, is that one of the two sizes is a 10” wide version. This is a big help for those of you doing medium to larger sizes pieces. You'll get that 1” clearance all the way around without having to overlap bandaging on most pieces.

Saniderm® Transparent Bandages

If there’s one area where Saniderm transparent bandages blow the competition away, it’s with its variety of size options.

Available in 5 rolls and 3 sheet sizes, Saniderm really ensures that you've got a bandage for almost any tattoo. The rolls are all primarily 8 yards long and include widths of 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10”. The final roll is a 10” x 2 yard option. This is a great choice when traveling to that special collector in your life who just keeps coming back for more.

Saniderm sheets are a great option to sell to your clients as part of their tattoo aftercare. Or, send a few sheets home with your clients who are between sits. This will help to speed up their tattoo healing and have them ready for Round 2.

Advantage: Saniderm

Artist Feedback
“Awesome product. Fast healing with no dryness or flaking. When you finally take the Saniderm off, your tattoo is pretty much healed. I won't heal any other way now.”
Kandie-Lee - Strathmore, Alberta

Dynarex View Guard Transparent Bandaging

Price Comparison - No Math Required

Let's take a look at the pricing. While there are different sizes to choose from, we'll only compare prices for the 6" rolls to make it fair. Why? Because they’re the most popular size across all three brands of transparent bandaging.

For the sake of argument (and math) the bandage sizing below is all based on 6”x 6” pieces.


Both the 4” and 6” widths of Hypafix bandages come in 11 yard rolls. Using the sizing above, means that on average you can expect to get about 66 bandages per box, at a cost per bandage of about $0.72 CAD

Dynarex View Guard®

Just like Hypafix, View Guard comes in 11 yard rolls providing you with about 66 bandages per roll. Where things start to differ is on the pricing side with View Guard being our lowest priced option. It rings in at $30 CAD per box or $0.45 CAD per bandage.


Saniderm transparent bandages come in on the high end and will run you approximately $1.03 CAD per bandage. This is mainly due to the fact that it comes in an 8 yard roll, which is nearly 30% shorter than both Hypafix and View Guard. It will give you about 48 bandages per roll.

Advantage: Dynarex View Guard

Artist Feedback
“Works great, sticks just fine if you properly dry the area after you've rinsed soap/glide residue off with sterile water. Best bang for your buck from a reputable brand. This has also been the least problematic so far with reactions, I have used/tried most brands of this type of bandage. It is also very easy to work with when wrapping up your clients, no messing around trying to separate backing from film, comes off easily.”
Patrick, Dawson Creek, British Columbia

The Wrap Up

In a nutshell, transparent tattoo bandages have revolutionized the aftercare game. Hypafix offers easy application and flexibility, ensuring a snug fit even on tricky body contours. Saniderm transparent bandages provide a plethora of size options, allowing for a perfect fit no matter the size of tattoo. Dynarex View Guard? Well, it's all about affordability and convenience, especially for those larger tattoos.

Just remind your clients to clean the tattooed area before slapping on the bandage and to follow your instructions for when it's time to say goodbye to the wrap. These transparent wonders will not only let them flaunt their fresh ink but also speed up the healing process. Take your pick, stick it on, and watch your client’s tattoo heal like a boss.


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