Welcome to the new
Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new


We’re stoked to welcome you to the new and improved Designed for you.

It’s faster and easier to shop, PLUS you’ll be able to create orders and checkout right from your tablet or phone (you know, that other thing that’s always in your hand). We’ve also ramped up the search engine - so you can find what you’re looking for anywhere on the site, super-fast. Time is money.

First things first...
Are you a RETURNING customer?

There are two easy ways to access your account on the new for the first time.

  1. Check your inbox for an Account Activation Email from Eikon
  2. Click the “Activate your account button”
  3. Create your new password.
  4. Done.

Option 2

If by any chance you missed the email or you’re reading and your account invite has expired. No sweat.

  1. Go to Select LOGIN
  3. Enter your Email address and click “Activate account”
  4. You’ll receive an email to set a new password
  5. Done!

Here’s a little extra incentive - Activate your account NOW, and you’ll be automatically entered in Draw All Month for our weekly $100 Gift Card giveaway.

If you don’t know OR don’t have access to the email used for your Eikon account – No problem - just call our Customer Service team or use the Chat on our website. They’ll help you get into your account in no time.

Are you a NEW customer?

You’ll need to create an account and go through the approval process for pro-accounts.

As we’re launching in December we kinda feel like excited parents on Christmas morning... We can't wait to see what you think of our new website. Unlike that gift from your great aunt Irene, we thought wed give you something you can actually use this holiday season… So put on your favourite holiday movie, splash a little something in your coffee and unwrap and explore the new site.

Now, on to the Good Stuff....

Your New Account Dashboard

This is YOUR space (no relation to myspace) everything you need to know about your account, and we mean everything, is here:

Order History

We’ve imported 5 years' worth of your order history, so you can easily look at your purchase history, see your recent order status, and quickly print PDF copies of past invoices come tax time.

Nickname and photo

Ok, so kinda like MySpace… it’s your space, so now you can personalize it a bit. Prefer to be referred to by your Nickname? Pop it in there…and feel free to upload a selfie, or picture of your cat. (Keep in mind - your name and photo will be visible on any reviews you post)

Returns & Repairs Status

Quickly request and track the status of Returns & Repairs.

News you can use

Don’t miss out on important messages from us, as well as seeing some of the cool shit happening in the tattoo community, posted from our blog “The Buzzz”.

Favourites list(s)

Easily create, add to, and shop from, your curated product lists.

Buy it Again

Can't remember your piercer’s glove size or the name of that barrier film you loved last time? You can now quickly and easily repurchase items you bought on a recent order.

Powerful Search

You don't have to remind us that the weakest part of our old site was the search feature. We hear you… But that’s all in the past - The new site was built around a robust and powerful search engine that’ll help you find everything and anything you need. Try it out and see if you can stump it.

Fewer Clicks, Better Filters, Easier Navigation

Shop faster with fewer clicks

With over 2500 products available in our store, you don’t want to waste valuable time hunting for the items you want. We’ve streamlined our menus and organized products into more relevant categories.

Clean and “sticky” navigation

In addition to our streamlined menu bar (it “sticks” with you as you scroll down the page, btw), we’ve added some old-school “breadcrumbs” at the top of each page so you can see how you got to where you’re at.

Cleaner/Improved Product Pages

You can now also see all available options/configurations for products like cartridges and machines, without having to leave the product page you’re on AND we’ve added a new scrolling section to highlight product features for stuff like machines, needles and glides.

Better, optimized filtering options

You can now filter the product catalog more efficiently to drill down to the items you’re really after, with our improved filtering options.

Back In Stock Notifier and Order Status SMS Notifications

An “Artists’ Favourite” - the Back In Stock notifier is one of the features we kept on the new site… That said, we’re bringing SMS back-in-stock notifications soon, so stay tuned.

  • Back In Stock Notifications are easy to use; if something you want isn’t in stock, just click the “NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE” button on the product and enter your email address to be the first to know when it’s available.
  • Insider tip: Create a Favourites list of those out-of-stock items so that when they are back in stock you can access them super quickly.
  • You can now opt-in to receive SMS notifications so you don’t miss out on shipping and delivery notifications on your phone. On checkout simply sign up for SMS order notifications.

Leave a Review or Ask a Question about a Product

You’re the experts, so we’ve built this site to allow you to communicate with each other by leaving reviews and/or asking questions about a product.

  • Help your fellow artists out using our brand new REVIEW feature to leave tips on how you get the most out of a specific product, how it fits into your set-up or yes, even any issues you’ve found.
  • Want to know a little bit more about a product? You can ask questions right on the product page and help us create artist-driven product FAQ’s.

Sexier Shopping Cart Experience

Yeah, we said’s pretty far as shopping carts go. Check this out:

  • Each time you add something to your cart, it’ll pop out from the side of your screen so you can keep track of what you’ve added without leaving the page you’re on.
  • The new Free Shipping Progress bar lets you know how close you are to FREE GROUND shipping*.
  • Save for later - Not quite ready to pull the trigger on a specific product that you have in your cart? No worries - use the SAVE FOR LATER function to tuck it away until next time.
  • Shop Pay Express Checkout - Need we say more?

HELP Is Just a Click Away!!

Whether you’re the self-help type, or you prefer to chat with someone, our Help Centre is all new, and designed to make it easier to get your questions answered.

  • Our Customer Service Team is a wealth of knowledge - got a question? They’ve probably got the answer.
  • Live chat is the quickest and easiest way to reach them. Look for the 🗨️ on the site, and click to chat with the team.
  • Prefer Self-Help? Hit up the new Help Centre and FAQ which are now SEARCHABLE. Topics are also organized in an easy to browse format.

New and Improved Favourites lists

Create multiple Favourites lists AND give them custom names like: Christmas wish list, or Go To Colours. Create a list of Frequent Purchases, so they’re handy when you need to create a quick order. Ordering for other people in your shop? Create a custom list for each artist.

  • Creating a Favourites List is easy - You’ve probably done it before.
  • Just click on the ❤️ on the Product page. A dialog box will pop up asking if you’d like to add the item to an existing list, or create a new one. Just take it from there.
  • You can review your Favourites lists in your account dashboard

...And that’s a wrap!


…AND THE WINNERS ARE (Drumroll please…)


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