Pick a Card... Any Card
Pick a Card... Any Card
Draw All Month 2023

Pick a Card... Any Card

Today on That DAM Game Show our undefeated champ Max faces off against Austin in a game of Jack of All Trades (Will Max go 3 for 3?) + they win $1163 in prizes for their teams.

Pick a Card... Any Card


The countdown to the end of Draw All Month continues…but we still have two more games to go.

TODAY Rob is joined by our reigning That DAM Game Show winner MAX, who so far is 2 for 2, and Austin… who’s 1 for 2 after losing to Ricardo in Ink Cup House of Cards. Can Austin tie it up? OR will Max get the hat-trick playing “Jack of All Trades”? Let the chips fall where they may...


The aim of the game here is for the player to draw a hand that adds up closest to 21 without going over. (Basically a low-budget version of blackjack, no actual chips, and minus cigars, booze and piles of money - BUT we have cool JUMBO cards). Right off the bat, Rob deals Max the 10 of spades… Austin starts off with a 4 of hearts, and has to draw two more cards including the Queen of Diamonds to score 19 (ah..Desperado) - he declines another card thinking the win is in the bag BUT his hopes are CRUSHED as Max turns his second card over to reveal…the 10 of hearts.

There you have it folks…Three-time DAM GAME Show winner Max 😮 goes to the wall first to punch out prizes for his team: James Jang and Anthony Lopez.

Today’s Winners

Viewers at home…Don’t be shy! Let us know what you think, follow along on social media and cheer on our staff and artists who’ll be taking home prizes EVERY DAY!

How does Draw All Month Work?

Every order you placed with Eikon in 2023 counts as an entry ballot. Before we play each game, we’ll randomly select orders from that day and going back to Jan 1!

If you haven’t placed an order this year, you still have time to get in on the action:

  • Place an order in December to get an entry ballot + be eligible for stocking stuffers + you may find one of wayward Elves (the little f*ckers keep disappearing)

Tune in to our Instagram and on Facebook to catch all the action, AND keep an eye on your inbox!


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