The Horror... The Horror - Christmas Movie Trivia III
The Horror... The Horror - Christmas Movie Trivia III
Draw All Month 2023

The Horror... The Horror - Christmas Trivia III

Holidays with the in-laws not scary enough for you?? Bob and Ben K try to name the Top Christmas Horror flick according to tattoo artists, and spin to win over $1900 in Eikon prizes for their teams!

The Horror... The Horror - Christmas Trivia III


It’s the last Wednesday before Christmas, and you know what THAT means… Time to spin the wheel of Eikon! Today we have returning contestants Bob the Ink Pour Porn King and Ben K the Great Trace Champ (formerly known as Mystery Guy aka The Voice) stepping up to answer some trivia and spin the wheel. Who had the fastest hands on that buzzer?



After reviewing the instant replay, it was revealed that Ben K was actually quicker to the buzzer by a whisker .

This week, we asked the tattoo artists of Instagram for their favourite Horror Christmas movie… If you answered “Black Christmas” like Ben did…You’d be wrong. Bob (a visual oasis of black and camouflage) was up next but shockingly, also answered - INCORRECTLY! In a That DAM Game Show first, Rob resorted to “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine who would spin first.

I don’t have to tell you viewers at home, that there’s always the potential of becoming trapped in an endless Rock Paper Scissors loop 🫠, but MERCIFULLY, Ben K’s paper defeated Bob’s rock in the first round and Ben went on to the Wheel to spin first for his team: Safwan and Miriam Heaton.

Today’s Winners

  • Safwan Hamdy (@safwanmtl) of Montreal, QC WON Eikon Gloves for a Year
  • Miriam Heaton (@divergence_tattoos) of Halifax, NS WON a $100 Eikon Gift Card
  • David Robillard of Ottawa, ON WON a Mystery Prize
  • Mickael Marchand (@mike_s_ink) of Bathurst, NB WON a Griffin/Hydra prize pack

Viewers at home…Don’t be shy! Let us know what you think, follow along on social media and cheer on our staff and artists who’ll be taking home prizes EVERY DAY!

How does Draw All Month Work?

Every order you placed with Eikon in 2023 counts as an entry ballot. Before we play each game, we’ll randomly select orders from that day and going back to Jan 1!

If you haven’t placed an order this year, you still have time to get in on the action:

  • Place an order in December to get an entry ballot + be eligible for stocking stuffers + you may find one of wayward Elves (the little f*ckers keep disappearing)

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