That DAM Game Show: Everything You Need to Know
That DAM Game Show: Everything You Need to Know
Draw All Month 2023

That DAM Game Show: Everything You Need to Know

With a little help from our friends, we’re giving away $50,000 in prizes - game show style! Here’s everything you need to know to get in on the action on That DAM Game Show…

That DAM Game Show: Everything You Need to Know


Tradition is The Name Of The Game

It’s Season 4, so I guess we can now officially call Draw All Month a TRADITION! Once again we get to play Santa (or in THIS case Pat Sajak), with the help of our amazing vendors, and give away a TON of tattoo supplies and other cool sh*t to the Tattoo artists who’ve supported us over the years. What’s not to love?

Since year one, we’ve kept it super-easy to enter. Every artist who placed an order with us over the past year has a chance to win…

That DAM Game Show

COME ON DOWN….We’re taking a different spin on Draw All Month this year and taking inspiration from golden era of Game Shows. Rob will be channelling his inner Bob Barker with a dash of Chuck Barris (his performance is Jim & Andy good) to bring you a different game every day.

Our Eikon team members have enthusiastically volunteered (aka were bribed with gift cards) to be contestants, playing on your behalf to help YOU win great prizes.

Each day we’ll randomly draw artists names from orders placed since Jan 1. Our staff contestants will then compete in that day’s challenge to win you something cool…

Tune in to our Instagram and Facebook pages to cheer them on and follow the action.

The Wheel of Eikon Prizes

Every Wednesday we’ll spin the Wheel of Eikon Prizes and you’ll get a chance at winning one of the following:

  • An ES500 Power Bundle
  • A Green Monster Combo
  • A Griffin & Hydra Prize Pack
  • Eikon Gloves for a YEAR!
  • A Surprise Eikon 2024 Product
  • A $100 Eikon Gift Card
  • A $250 Eikon Gift Card
  • A $500 Eikon Gift Card
  • A Mystery Prize
Eikon Draw All Month

Stocking Stuffers Galore!

If you place an order in December you’ll not only be automatically entered to win one of our big DAM prizes, but you could also get lucky and find a stocking stuffer in your order…or….an elf 🙄 We have no idea which…

Mystery Prizes

Who doesn’t love a good surprise?! We’ve got some very cool mystery prizes up for grabs - but if you want a shot at winning one, you’ll need to have a Professional Eikon account. Already got one? Then make sure you comment on our videos on social - we’ll be watching to see if you’re watching….

The Elves Are On The Loose!

It never fails, but every year a couple of those wayward elves go missing. If you think it’s hard to herd cats… try herding elves 🤯. It’s entirely possible one of the little f*ckers may have slipped into your order. Make sure you check your box when it shows up and if you find an elf, please let us know right away. There’s a $150 (Gift Card) REWARD for whoever finds one, BUT to collect the reward you’ll need to post a pic of the elf in your shop and use the hashtag #EikonElfRescue2023.

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