Who Knew The Hue??
Who Knew The Hue??
Draw All Month 2023

Who Knew The Hue??

Welcome to the “lumberjack edition” (?) of Name That Hue - Ricardo and Keith match wits (and outfits) to win $1099 in prizes for their teams!

Who Knew The Hue??


The Draw All Month fun continues... Today on That DAM Gameshow, it’s Name That Hue! Returning contestants Ricardo and Keith are twinning in Buffalo plaid, but that’s where their shared colour preferences end (or is it?)… Do you know who, will guess this week’s hue?



When you think of Jupiter, you think of the colour…. If you guessed Black - well, like Keith, you’d be wrong - sadly Keith will not be advancing to the next round. Oddly enough, when Ricardo’s turn came up, he guessed Red. (I’m sensing a theme here…). This was also wrong, however, but after a hint from our genial host Rob, Ricardo got a second chance and correctly guessed: Orange. Eternal Ink Jupiter, which looks um, yellow is described as an orange hue. Ok sure…we’ll go with that.

So Ricardo moves on to the next round AND he got to punch out the prize wall for his team: Stephen Moir and Scott Olsen.

Today’s Winners

Viewers at home…Don’t be shy! Let us know what you think, follow along on social media and cheer on our staff and artists who’ll be taking home prizes EVERY DAY!

How does Draw All Month Work?

Every order you placed with Eikon in 2023 counts as an entry ballot. Before we play each game, we’ll randomly select orders from that day and going back to Jan 1!

If you haven’t placed an order this year, you still have time to get in on the action:

  • Place an order in December to get an entry ballot + be eligible for stocking stuffers + you may find one of wayward Elves (the little f*ckers keep disappearing)

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