Expand Your Palette: Check Out Our Ink Offerings
Expand Your Palette: Check Out Our Ink Offerings

Expand Your Palette: Check Out Our Ink Offerings

The Eikon store truly gives you the power of choice when it comes to finding the right ink brand and colors for your next piece.

Expand Your Palette: Check Out Our Ink Offerings


The Eikon store truly gives you the power of choice when it comes to finding the right ink brand and colors for your next piece. In terms of quantity and selection, we currently offer five of the top brands in the industry. Here’s a little rundown of each brand, to get you re-acquainted. Need more? Watch for another great brand hitting our shelves later this Spring!

It’s an ever-changing world out there… With new Pigment brands popping up everywhere you look, we wanted to take a minute to re-introduce you to 5 tried and true brands that have been holding fast, and providing you with great color payoff for years. Read on to learn a little about each brand, updates for 2022, and why you should choose Eikon as your ink dealer! We’ve also highlighted a few colors that artists are loving right now…

Eternal Ink Blue Concentrate 2oz

Eternal Ink

Why Eternal? A staple on the Eikon shelves since 2008 and in artists' hearts since 2004. Eternal Ink was developed by tattooer Terry Welker, who had experienced first-hand the limitations of traditional ink, the challenge of color mixing and matching, as well as questionable product quality (shit was crazy back then). He recognized the need for an ever-expanding, multi-colored, quality line of tattoo ink. Multi-color is an understatement! Eternal is the largest line-up of inks we currently carry, with over 200 certified sterile colors to choose from!

New In 2022: Eternal stepped up their game even further by revamping their labeling system to ensure compliance with regulations in Canada, the USA as well as Europe. Watch over the coming months as all colors transition to the new labels.

Why Buy from Eikon? If you’re looking to get your Eternal fix, look no further. We offer the entire Standard series of Eternal colors as well as 16 of their most popular specialty sets. We’re also pleased to offer all available size options for Eternal; 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 8oz (White & Black only). Need a color we don't have? No worries, we’ll special order it for you on our next Eternal order. No extra charge.

What Artists Are Saying:

Blue Concentrate

“Love this color. One of my secret weapons to my starry night tattoos!” - David, Montreal, QC

Lining Black

“I absolutely love this product! I use it every day for lining and for my Black and Grey Shading dilutions. It is a wonderful product and I love Eternal Ink!” - Autumn, Edmonton, AB


“My all time essential.” - Curtis Stratford, ON

Fusion Ink From Eikon Device

Fusion Ink™

Why Fusion? Fusion Ink is Tattoo Artist and family run. Their 180+ colors are renowned for having a much higher pigment load than many other inks on the market today, while containing less filler. You’ll quickly see and feel the difference as you put needle and ink to skin. Fusion Ink goes in smoothly, requires fewer passes and heals bright. Fusion Ink switched things up last year and eliminated 4oz bottles. The exception to this is White and Black ink, which has moved from 8oz bottles, to the 4oz size. This change will help Fusion keep up with the demand for the more popular 1oz and 2oz sizes.

Why Buy from Eikon? We’re proud to be the first place Fusion Ink called home (in Canada anyway) and we’ve been helping artists get their Fusion fix for nearly 10 years. We offer the entire Fusion Ink Standard series, as well as 14 of their specialty sets and yes, you guessed it… We stock every size currently available. If we’re missing a specialty color you need, let us know and we’ll happily order it for you on our next Fusion order. No extra charge.

What Artists Are Saying:

Brick Red

“Beautiful deep red. Goes in solid, heals well. Definitely one of my favorite colors in my palette.” - Shaun, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Organic Green

“Perfect soft/light green, and goes in SO easily!” - Donovan, Pointe-Claire, QC

Solid Ink from Eikon Device

Solid Ink™

Why Solid? At Solid Ink, they firmly believe that the only way to guarantee achieving the right saturation, brightness and longevity is by choosing the right pigment. To them, it’s one of the most important choices a tattooer can make. Federico Ferroni, the brains behind Solid Ink, is obsessed with creating the best ink possible. One way he achieves this is by producing and bottling Solid Ink under laboratory conditions, in a cosmetic manufacturing cleanroom.

What's New in 2022? We made the decision to discontinue 4oz bottles of Solid Ink after seeing how well it worked for Fusion Ink. This means room on our shelves for more stock in the sizes you’re looking for the most. White and Black ink are still available in 4oz and 8oz bottles.

Why Buy from Eikon? We carry Solid Ink on our shelves today because you asked for it… Or should I say, a group of artists out of Montreal asked for it! We listened and here we are 7 years later with a line that started out with 50 colors and has now expanded to over 100. It's crazy to see how popular this line has become on the West Coast, and how it’s meshed with that tattooing style.

Eikon offers the full line-up of Solid Ink’s Standard colors, as well as 3 of their 4 artists' series sets.

What Artists are Saying:

Horitomo Sumi Black

“Goes in super smooth and heals black as F**k” - Luke, Perth, ON

Medium Green

“This is a great shade of green. I use it a ton! My clients love this color as well, highly requested color.” - Cathy, Dauphin, MB


“That Standard earthy green you're always looking for! This color is DOPE!” - Donovan Pointe-Claire, QC

Dermaglo Ink - Eikon Device

Dermaglo Ink

Why Dermaglo? Quietly doing their thing in the UK for over 40 years, Dermaglo is a very traditional color line, offering a small but mighty lineup of 21 colors in total. If you want more options, you’re going to have to mix them yourself! The Dermaglo difference comes down to how they process their colors. All pigments are micro-dispersed to make them much easier to use. As a result, you’ll find that Dermaglo heals faster than conventional color with less scabbing. This means less scarring and more retention of pigment in the skin, leaving your client with a sharper, brighter tattoo.

What's New in 2022? A bottle change is coming sometime in early 2022. Dermaglo will be moving away from the classic stubby bottle we all love, but also hate because it doesn’t fit in your pigment rack.

Why Buy From Eikon? Dermaglo colors have been brightening up the Eikon warehouse since 2006. We're proud to be one of only two Authorized Dermaglo dealers in North America, and the only one in Canada. We offer the full assortment of colors in both bottle sizes; 50 ml and 100 ml.

What Artists Are Saying:

Dark Red

“Honestly there are no better colors. Thanks Dermaglo. They go in the skin super easy and they heal twice as fast as any other brand I've tried, and I've been in the business for 27 years.” - Rev, Savannah, GA

Lunar Green

“Great fucking ink.” - Barbara, Lethbridge, AB

Golden Yellow

“This is the only Yellow. Period” - Matthew, Richmond, VA

Silverback Ink - Eikon Device

SilverBack Ink®

Why Silverback Ink? Silverback Ink’s "The Original" Grey Wash Series was first introduced back in 2005, and became a staple in Canadian shops by 2006! At that time there were no other grey wash series on the market, and artists spent their time counting drops in hopes of getting that mix/blend right. Seventeen years later, Silverback is still helping artists create their own “signature” grey wash with the help of their 10-step InstaBlack Series.

Don't ask us which Black is the blackest... That's on you! Silverback black inks were developed to heal to the same level of darkness. A lot depends on the tools you use, your hand speed and/or where you’re working on the body, so if you’re not happy with how your current blackwork is healing, Silverback can help. Check them out.

Why Buy From Eikon? Not only do we stock the complete Silverback family of products, but our Customer Service team has been helping customers navigate ink options since Silverback was introduced. They’ll be happy to help you discover which Silverback products will be best for you and your tattoo style. Drop them a line any time.

What Artists Are Saying:

Silverback users are kind of quiet… They have no problem dropping 5-star reviews but don’t have much to say other than “WOW'' or “F**KING BLACK”, so how about we just share the four top-selling shades with you….

We’re expanding our Ink Section!!!

Stay tuned for the next big thing landing on our shelves real soon…


Even More Colours, Even More Choice...


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